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Mousavi uses poem and song by those he killed

July 25, 2009

Take a look at the following video. It is a promotional video created for Mousavi’s presidential campaign:

The song you hear was the song of the Mousavi campaign during the recent presidential elections.  It was not only used in promotional videos, but also sang by the crowd at two big rallies of the Mousavi campaign.  Its origins however will shed some light onto current events.  It was created by a communist group called “Fadaiyan e Khalgh” to commemorate a battle between its armed members and the Shah’s forces in a place called Siyahkal in the jungles in the north of Iran in 1970. The one sided fight resulted in death or capture, torture and subsequent death of all the Fadayees involved.  The song’s title is “آفتابکاران جنگل” or “Those who plant sun in the forest”.  The lyrics are attributed to Saeed Soltanpour, a revolutionary poet, theater director, and writer.

Saeed Soltanpour

Saeed Soltanpour

After the Islamic revolution, Soltanpour was arrested on his wedding night, tortured for 66 days and then executed.  At the time Mirhosein Mousavi was a member of the Central Committee of the Islamic Republic Party and its Political Director as well as the editor in chief -of the Islamic Republic newspaper.  Supporting both in writing and in political ideology the violent extermination of the opposition. Shortly after that he becomes the Prime Minister and over the next 8 years executes thousands of political dissidents including many Fadaeyees.  In 1988, his regime went on a rampage and massacred several thousand (estimate range from 4,000 to 30,000) political prisoners, many of whom had already served most of their prison term.  And now, he borrows the music and lyrics of the same people he killed for his own political gain.  During the recent elections, he was confronted by university students about his role in the 1988 massacre. He said nothing.

Here is the original version of the song: